Social Construction of Sexualities

Constructing Sexual Identities

The Social Construction of Sexualities
Dr. Frances M. Shaver (Instructor)
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Hall 1125-23        848-2424 ext -2168

This course is designed to provide a cross-cultural, inter-disciplinary approach to the study of human sexuality. The main objective, however, is to expand your understanding of human sexualities through an empirically grounded social science perspective. Topics to be addressed include: the components of sexual expression, sexual beliefs and attitudes, theories and methodologies in sexuality research, cross-gender patterns, sexual orientations/behaviours, sexual coercion, sex work, and sexuality education.

Hyde, J.S., J.D. DeLamater & E. Sandra Byers. (2012) Understanding Human Sexuality, 5th Canadian Edition. McGraw-Hill Ryerson (selected chapters bundled in an abridged version). Print copy and eBook versions are available.

Readings for SOCI-ANTH 375/4 B – A course-pack for The Social Construction of Sexualities. Available at the Concordia University Bookstore

TIP: Copies of the text book and Course Pack are on reserve in the Sociology-Anthropology Reading Room (Hall 1132).

TIP: Be sure to check-out the website for the text book, do it now ! The Online Learning Centre ( provides chapter quizzes and review questions, interactive exercises, a searchable glossary, and other study tools.

TIP: Study Questions will be listed with each Unit and Section. You will find them posted with the lecture information each week. These are the questions that will be used as the basis for the the Mid-Term Quiz and Final Exam. Work on them as you go along.

Note: You will find a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file of the course syllabus at the bottom of this page along with a list of the required and recommended readings.

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