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Prayers of the People

These are a collection of prayers that Jack prepared for the 'Prayers of the People' part of the service at West Point Grey United. You will find most of them in 3 formats: html, pdf (Jack's handwritten notes), and as part of the 'Prayers of the People' document published by West Point Grey United Church. You can download this latter document in PDF format, by clicking on its title above.

Last Updated: 04/02/25

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Dec 1, 2001 Introduction PofPIntro  
Dec 29, 1991 God only knows we need a word from you PofP911229  
1992 there is no question but that we'd like to feel good PofP1992  
Nov 1, 1992 How are we to go about these prayers of the people? PofP921101  
Apr 2, 1995 Engage us. PofP950402  
Apr 30, 1995 Israel came to its knowledge of you PofP950430  
Sep 15, 1996 Here we are before you, in your house PfoP960915  
1996 No matter how much we pray, we still don't know how! PofP1996  
Feb 1997 Speak your word to our hearts. PofP970201  
Apr 20, 1997 How we long for whatever is not on our plate. PofP970420  
Jul 6, 1997 The universe, and all that is in it, are your creations. PofP970706  
Oct 25, 1997 We know lots of words about you. PofP971025  
Dec 21, 1997 a lot of us are all fussed up because we're not going to be ready for Christmas PofP971221  
Jan 25, 1998 your people sang in their time of how the heavens declared your glory PofP980125
Mar 10, 1998 Renew a right spirit within us. PofP980310
Mar 15, 1998 We don't know why we spend so much of our life for that which doesn't satisfy! PofP980315
Apr 19, 1998 Now is the time we all come with our crys. PofP980419
Aug 9, 1998 since we are to have words with you, let's not waste them. PofP980809
Oct 18, 1998 We've set aside this time to have a word with you. PofP980918
Apr 4, 1999 There's a war on that's getting hotter by the day. PofP990404  
May 30, 1999 we find ourselves torn between our OUGHTS and our WANTS PofP990530  
Jul 4, 1999 we'd all be a lot more use and do a lot less harm if we had rest in our souls. PofP990704  
Jan 25, 2000 to begin with we want to cast our burden on you PofP000125  
Mar 19, 2000 Now is the time we put our hearts and minds to the task of getting heard. PofP000319  
Jun 4, 2000 we're worried lest we make poor use of the time. PofP000604  
Oct 1, 2000 it's time for a word with you. We don't know where to start. PofP001001  
Nov 12, 2000 Receive our remembering. PofP001112  
Jan 14, 2001 We are suffering from information overload PofP010114  
Feb 25, 2001 We take time now for the prayers of all the people gathered here to rise up to you. PofP010225  
Mar 1, 2001 Renew a right spirit within us. PofP010301  
Oct 7, 2001 sing the songs of Zion in a strange land. PofP011007