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Prayers of the People
May 30, 1999

God of all, as we are about to have a word with you we find ourselves torn between our OUGHTS and our WANTS: to start with, we don't mean either.

If the real US is to really come before you we'll have to shed our pretensions, especially our pious pretensions. If we come mouthing our wants they seem unworthy. What a parade, all of us lining up with our wants.

We have this deep longing. We'd like to really mean our crys unto you and quit worrying whether they are worthy or not. At the same time we'd rather our crys were not shameful.

God, what we can mean, in the power of your spirit, is a cry for you to redeem our loving.

LOVING. It is the best thing we do. It is the best part of our lives. It is something to ask for that doesn't take away from anyone else. It doesn't bless just us.

REDEEM our loving so that it is not selective; so that it doesn't manipulate, isn't self-serving, so that it doesn't blow hot and cold, doesn't fade like the morning dew before pain and rejection. If you could redeem our loving, that would do a world of good!

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer

Merciful God, we raise the crys of those near and far who are genuinely suffering, whose lives ache for their loved ones and any at a loss for any way to help any who live with constant pain and disability. Whose lives are haunted with anxiety.

We pray especially for the people suffering war conditions and the threat of war. Dear God let no decision-makers around these conditions escape for one minute the solemn responsibility that is theirs and ours.

God in your mercy...Hear our prayer

Loving God, give us ears to hear the genuine and hidden suffering of the people on this planet. Our hearts grow hard and flabby. Keep them tender. Open our ears to the genuine suffering of those nearby and lonely who wonder if anyone hears their crys.

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer

God of all, we can have no word with you except it include acknowledgment of the mystery of creation. The more our wise ones study it, the more wondrous becomes the mystery of life on this planet. Such vast and minute systems have to work together for life to be sustained. All of it groans. Redeem our acknowledgment of the mystery of life - and God - lead us into the proper care of it.

Most of all God, we thank you for your work of reconciliation. Only the ministry of reconciliation is yours. And God, our blessings can destroy us. Show us where we are called to a ministry of reconciliation.

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer