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Prayers of the People
April 4, 1999

O Lord of Hosts
There's a war on that's getting hotter by the day.
All together we don't know what we are doing.
There's a confusion of voices telling us what's right.
The trouble is, it's costing a lot of lives.
At a time this solemn, we don't know how to pray.
Our groanings are too deep for utterance.
Save the people, O God, Save the people.
May all who are making decisions be saved from folly.

We remember also the countless peoples of the world who suffer deprivation because local and world economies are out of joint.
We lift into the light of your countenance the strange faith that all this will be put right by letting the marketplace run free of interference.
We cry out to you as we behold world opinions, more and more approving the drive of self- interest, in place of public good.
But, Dear God, Let not our loud lamentations blind us to the public servants who continue to labour in hidden places for the public good. Lead us to afford them recognition and support.

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer

Gracious God:
As we lift up the progress of the people,
We ask that each individual prayer be heard.
We ask that each person will know himself/herself heard.
Dear God, everyone here needs to be heard.
If that's to happen each one of us needs to hear others.

Hear the children.
Give us ears to hear and receive the little ones.
Bless our relationships with them.
How serious a matter it is if we should fail or hurt any of them.

Hear the aging.
As capacities diminish, questions of meaning and worth become sharper and the world grows less familiar.

Hear the young,
who are inheriting a world of growing demands and complexity.

Hear the parents
of the young - who long for wisdom, that in life's rush they will do well by their loved ones.
of youth - who face all the anxiety of letting go as they worry whether they have done enough and done right and who fear lest they interfere with their loved ones becoming themselves.

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer

God of all:
On this Easter morning,
we acknowledge you alone can be the author of the resurrection faith.
It is your doing and wondrous in our eyes.
Pour upon us the Gift of the Holy Spirit
so that we recognize your witness to the risen Crucified One.
When that witness confronts us,
We may be stumbling over and rejecting
what you have set as the cornerstone of life.

Dear God, give us eyes to see what has to die so we can be raised up.

God in your mercy...Hear our prayer

Now as our Saviour has taught us we say...