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Prayers of the People
October 18. 1998

God of the Universe:
We've set aside this time to have a word with you.
When the real nature of what we propose here dawns on us, we slow down. We're not sure our crys are appropriate.

But Jesus' word to us is to keep at it. Maybe if we keep going we'll hit upon something we really mean, and really approve of.

Gracious God -
we raise our crys unto you for the very reason they need sorting out.

God, there are things about ourselves that we are not pleased with. Some of our crys are rather more like a whimper.
Some of our love relationships have worn pretty thin, especially where pain is involved. Some of our rages are not about the right things.

So we're back asking to be made new!
And asking for eyes to see where grace abounds to empower us to become new.

God in your mercy...Hear our prayer

Almighty God, father and mother of all, things are happening to each of us that are overwhelming. So we pray for one another, let us leave no one out.

Hear the crys of the lonely and give us ears to hear them.
Give us hearts of flesh that will receive one another, let us leave no one out

Hear the crys of those for whom growing older is bringing changes that deprive, restrict and limit. Support them in these twilight years with a fresh awareness that nothing can separate us from your love.

Watch over the young, with their fears and anxieties, their joys and triumphs. Teach us how to receive each other so that we know membership in your kingdom together.

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer

God of the Universe,
We pray for the church, our West Point Grey United Church, the Church throughout Canada and the World.
This Sunday of the year we remember Burundi, Rwanda and Zaire.
Dear God, Africa must be very much on your heart. You must have a role for the church there as well as here.

Give us all ears to hear what you want your people at. Save us from running where we haven't been sent.
So place on our hearts where you want us at that we pursue the call with the persistence of the widow in Jesus' parable.

God in your mercy...Hear our prayer

God of all:
We remember the world, the life of your planet earth and the living beings on it. Here is another matter where we need the widow's persistence. In the midst of all the confused conflict about the environment, it is easy for us to give up our responsibility for its stewardship.

And our hearts quickly harden against the enormity of human need.
Keep us praying for the needy of the world, the homeless, the hungry, the impoverished, the tyrannized.

Keep us praying for peace in the world.
God watch over the little baby steps to peace in Palestine. Let not that effort flag or fail.
And also in Yugoslavia, we join our crys to the crys of the people there.
May peace come before the current horror stories of suffering reinforce the centuries old hate and vile beliefs of these people.
Don't give up on these people as you don't let us give up.

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer