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Prayers of The People
March 15, 1998

Living God - We don't know why we spend so much of life for that which doesn't satisfy! We cannot number the things in this world that don't satisfy. That is why we keep coming back each Sunday. To get our values straightened out.

Life is a cry for what is of true worth.
We bring that cry for true worth to you, living God.
We need to be found, again and again by a knowledge of you, living and active.

You make the Universe. If your name is LOVE that's why we cannot satisfy ourselves by trying to satisfy ourselves.

If your name is LOVE, to know you is to reach out in loving care to others, to the world, to the living creation with its delicate balance of life.

Living God. The hearts of flesh we grow for ourselves quickly turn to stone. You give us a loving heart.
That will make all things NEW.

God In Your Love...Hear Our Prayer

Gracious God - Only in the knowledge of you can we maintain a caring heart for each other and for the world. Only in a state of prayer can we keep our hearts open to the suffering and waywardness of the world.

So we bring each other's crys to you. Those rising now in our midst. Those to be heard in our city and those to be heard round the world.

Only as we bear each other's burdens do our burdens become light.

So instead of finding fault and complaining we bring before you all who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Uphold the peace makers and strengthen the servants of justice who labour faithfully in hidden or prominent places.

God In Your Love...Hear our Prayer

Loving God - we ask your blessing before we leave.

Our crys need blessing.

By the time your good gifts get touched by our hands they are tainted.
By the time our good deeds get done there is something wrong with them.
Our generosity is contaminated by extravagance.
Our conservation is corrupted by miserliness.
Our helping hands hide aggression.
Our letting go masks neglect.

God, bless the gifts you have bestowed, bless our use of them.
God, bless the work of our hands, make it a blessing to others.
God, bless our love, make it a blessing to those we love.
Through Jesus Christ