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Prayers of the People
Januarv 25, 1998

God of All,
your people Israel sang in their time of how the heavens declared your glory and the firmament showed your hard work.

How would they characterize the Universe that we, in our time keep hearing about?

God of All
it is you we gather to meet. To become aware again that it is with you that all life has to do. We are dealing with your works all the time, but we need to know you and know ourselves known to you.

Now as we gather up our thoughts for a word with you, we find that we are a confusion of wants and needs. Some vital, some trivial and we're not sure which are which.

But we remember that you promised us hearts of flesh for our hearts of stone. If you could manage to get us to receive that gift - there isn't much more we'd need to ask for. If you could keep our hearts of flesh from turning to stone. If you could keep us loving, no matter how we try to get out of it. Everything else would follow.

God In Your Love...Hear Our Prayer

Gracious God
we come to you with a confusion of ourselves. We take flight from the burdens you call us to, and cling to the ones we should be casting on you.

Gracious God,
you have given us to each other in this congregation, in our neighborhood, and in the planet Earth.
Everyone is to receive these gifts, bear each others burdens, receive each others' ministries. If you can get us to be like that ----- everything else will follow.

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer

God of Mercy
we take time to remember before you the forgotten ones, as well as the ones who weigh heavy on our hearts.
Poor - Imprisoned - Homeless - Lonely, especially the lonely old -
Employment cut off -
Health and well being cut off -
These aren't abstractions O God, we can name some of them.

God of Justice
we remember those who have charge over us.
Positions of leadership and influence.
Keep us praying for them
Keep us caring for them - that they might never feel used in their difficult decision making.
We pray especially for the Peace Makers.
They are having it tough everywhere.
We remember the principalities and powers that seem to be running off with the world accountable to no one.

Raise up servants O God with the wisdom and perseverance to manifest your victory over the powers of destruction. Give us eyes to see their redemption drawing near, and lives read to receive it.

God In Your Love...Hear Our Prayer