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Prayers of the People
December 21, 1997

Almighty God - a lot of us are all fussed up because we're not going to be ready for Christmas. Some of us are having it very rough right now -and it doesn't go with the season.

There are such penetrating and redeeming insights to this Gospel we celebrate. No wonder its celebrations got mixed up with the festival of lights.
And that's what we really need to be ready for. To hear and see the good news at hand. Our fussing is about the wrong stuff.
Our divine business gets in the way of out getting ready to hear and meet you.
Prepare out hearts for the surprise of being found in the knowledge that you are with us.

God In Your Love...Hear our Prayer

Gracious God - this light we're looking talking about is the light that lightens everyone. We aren't fully illuminated until every one is.
We aren't in a thoroughly righteous state until all people and peoples are reconciled. There isn't peace on earth, until everyone is at peace.

And so we remember, as we must the dispossessed, the alienated, the left out, and, at this time of year, especially the children.

We lift them up to you, we bring their cries unto you. As much as it is possible in us, we make their cries our own.

We lift also the cries of all your faithful servants who offer their lives in the service of j justice and peace. Especially the forgotten ones, and we make their cries our own.

God In Your Love...Hear our Prayer

Almighty God - our thoughts go every which way. The world and all that is wrong with it is too much for us. We long to be out of it, but are terrified to leave it.

The enthusiasm of cheap cheer turns our stomachs. But we feel no better about our state of complaining.
We don't feel good about trying to forget what is real.
We need your penetrating word to address us when we care.
We need your word to fit us for what we are going through.
We need to hear that you will not leave us comfortless, but will come to us and receive all of us unto yourself.

God In Your Love...Hear our Prayer

God of All - whenever we have words with you it seems to often that it is as an afterthought that we get around to being grateful.
We are fearfully and wonderfully made.
The universe is fearfully and wonderfully made.
The planet earth, our home, with its capacity to support life is a wondrous thing. The life that our flesh is heir to can know and acceptance and give them. All around are good people, behaving in selfless ways.
It's all the stuff of wonder love and praise - and we don't do enough of it.

Gracious God - give us grateful hearts.
Everything is different when our hearts are grateful.

And now as our Saviour taught us...