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Prayers of the People
July 6, 1997

Almighty God - The universe, and all that is in it, are your creations.
It is with you that all reality has to do.

How we need our meeting with you to be for real!
Nothing more vital can happen to us than that our meeting be real.
For we mostly try to avoid you.
Your depth is frightening.

Things turn into their opposite when you are real.
Strength becomes weakness and weakness strength; rich becomes poor and poor becomes rich.
Yet we know that to live without a knowledge of you is neither safe nor right.

God - make yourself known
address a word to where we live
address a word to - the events - tasks - and people that are before us

God In Your Love...

Gracious God - restore our loving.
Life is utterly transformed when we love. The whole creation sings with glorious voice when love reigns in our hearts. Even our suffering world can be embraced when love teaches the woeful heart to sing.

God, in your universal might, save us from having closed hearts. Open our hearts to each other and to all the children of the world.

God In Your Love...Hear our Prayer

Gracious God - Father and Mother of All - we don't want to be about praying for ourselves alone. We lift up the crys of your creations. Life of the planet earth, the hungry, the homeless. Those whose lives are never free of fear, constant threat because of cruel strife, tyranny, natural disaster. All victims of human greed.

This Sunday we remember especially the people of Kapuchea, Laos, VietNam and the churches there called to bring the good news of your love.

God In Your Love...Hear our Prayer

We pause now so that in the silence each one present may have his and her word with you.
God, together we lift those prayers. Let our crys come unto you.

Now as our Saviour has taught us we say....