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Prayers of the People
April 20, 1997

Almighty God,
How we long for whatever is not on our plate.

To be rescued from the situation that is before us
To be delivered from the humans who populate our daily lives.

Such is our cry, in the revolting business of our daily lives, that we have been abandoned by you. We are convinced that you are absent from all this.
It will always surprise us to be told that you are the one with whom we have to do in all this.

You became flesh in order to share with us in the simple living and dying. It is in living out our lives in the flesh that we are with you and you in us.

Dear God,
We need to hear that story told again and again. The life you have made the head stone of the corner is indeed one we keep stumbling over and rejecting.
God above, dwell in us
lest we close our hearts to one another,
lest we shirk the life we have to live
lest we abandon the world you love.

Lord, in your love...Hear our prayer

Gracious God,

Open our hearts to one another, especially to those who disappoint us, who give us pain and who aren't like us. Abide in us, so that we embrace those you have given us, those who stand before us in a day's living of our lives, those who break into our circle of awareness.

We lift up to you the crys we hear when you open our hearts. Those in our midst whose lives are hanging by a slender thread, whose loved ones are a worry, on whose lives cruel fate has rained severe blows. So keep in our hearts that there is not a lonely sufferer among us.

God, in your love....Hear our prayer.