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Prayers of the People
February 1997

Loving God,
Speak your word to our hearts. It's your love that created us and gave us to each other. Your love calls us by name and calls us yours. It is your word that welcomes us to the life we are called to live.

Living word,
how we need to hear you again - like it was the first time. Accomplish with us what you intend. Dwell in our hearts by faith. Finish the work of reconciling the world unto yourself.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer.

Almighty God,
Father and Mother of all, we need to be heard as well as spoken to. As we grow faint, trying to be good and grow weary doing our part to make the world a better place. It is good for us to voice our crys and the crys of our neighbours.
Uphold your children, the peacemakers throughout our strife torn world. How vulnerable they are, how frail their hard work appears to be. Uphold your servants who have taken up the cause of economic justice and the security of persons. How overwhelmed and how isolated they appear to be.
Move the hearts of the mighty, by your requirements that justice be done.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer.

Gracious God,
We pray for the church. What we know of you we learned there. You have called us to be priests to one another, to be the salt of the earth and a light to the world. Have mercy upon us. We are all those things and we are not any of them - at the same time. We've divided into factions, we are cranky, we run where we haven't been sent. We cry peace when there is no peace. We look very much like the People of God in the Bible.

So we pray for the church. Have mercy upon us and lead us to be merciful with one another .

With the World Council of Churches we remember the Philippine Church this morning and hold up that community of faith in that vast troubled set of islands. Our hearts also go out to Margaret Piddington - uphold her in your everlasting arms and us too.
We pray for the whole people of God. We pray to you who is able to present us to yourself without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.
We pray for the wholeness of the people of God - until no one is left out - all are received.

God, in your mercy...Hear our Prayer.

This prayer we ask in Jesus's name and now as our Saviour taught us, we pray...