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Prayers of the People
April 30, 1995

Almighty God,
Israel came to its knowledge of you as their prophets and people, priests and kings, wrestled with the ups and downs of their creation and preservation.
They met the true God who created and ordered the universe - in their history.
God, Our history is too much for us, as the anniversary time, when we remember the cessation of World War II' s hostilities in Europe and the liberation of the remnant of prisoners in the infamous death camps. We confess we expected we were entering a time there would be no more wars and never again the infamy of organized violence against humans.

We find the recurrence of devastating wars and the recurrence of manslaughter of innocents overwhelming! We find the increasing incidence of religious revival resorting to terrorism terrifying.

All this blinds us to the selfless volunteers who rally to serve in time of disaster and of the numberless brave committed ones who labour tirelessly to make our world right.

Almighty God

In place of our rage and despair and flight, we need to love the world. But our love of the world fades like the dew in the heat of the morning sun. Teach us Your love of world. We need your remedy for sin. Our own remedy seems to only confound things. Teach us your remedy for sin. You raised up the crucified One. Raise him up in our hearts so that he reigns there without a rival.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer

Gracious God:
We pray for the church. Along with our sister churches in the World Council of Churches we pray for the Church in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, strengthening our solidarity with our southern neighbours.

Keep fitting the Church for its wounding task of storming the Gates of Hell. Keep saving us from wasting our energy on petty things and vain dreams. Keep finishing the work you have begun in us. Dear God, how well we know that sin abounds. How we pray that grace much more abounds.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer

Gracious God,
We have a group here with individual concerns that they want to bring before you. Hear the crys that are uttered or only groaned or silently suspended. Defeated ones, anxious ones, weary ones, rebellious ones, alienated ones.
Those crosswise with the rest of us, those burdened beyond what they can bear.

God, you have given us to each other. We make this morning's supplication unto you. We lift each others crys.

Here we name a few whose bodies and minds need your healing, upholding touch.

Kathleen Fitzgerald, Hilda Clifton, Hugh Dobson, Laurie Paynter, Fisher family, as their love centres on young Katie. Elvira Jacobs, Fred Dodds, Margaret Smith, Phil Haddock and their faithful care givers.

Here also the names of those named silently throughout the room.

Gracious God, keep close to West Point Grey United Church as this flock walk a new and strange road. Surprise us afresh by how sufficient your grace is for all things.

God, in your mercy...Hear our Prayer.