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Prayers of the People
November 1, 1992

Almighty God,
How are we to go about these prayers of the people? Each one here wants a word with you! How can one of us speak for all of us? How can we lift each other's prayers to you without knowing what they are? So we'll try being quiet long enough for each of our heart's deep longings to come to consciousness and then to be brought before you.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer.

One thing we can all use is more work at having our encounters with you be genuine. So much of our God business is about you rather than with you. Maybe the reason we know so little real judgement or forgiveness or any New Creation is that we really don't want to get too close to you.

O Holy Spirit, penetrate our emptiness, guilt, enslavement so that we still our flight and know that you are God - know ourselves known, know ourselves overwhelmed with fullness, forgiveness and freedom.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer.

God of all
You have it so that we can have fullness, forgiveness and freedom only if all of us on this planet earth have them also.
Hear the crys of your beloved throughout the world. Keep giving us to each other. Enlarge our hearts. Uphold all your righteous servants, especially the hidden ones. Raise up generations of human liberators. Recreate in us all your love of the world as we behold it in Jesus Christ our Lord.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer.

God, this week we remember before you - our home and native land. We've had an enormous week of discovery again. We don't know who we are and we fear that in the lostness we might lose something very precious to us and good for the world.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer.

God, we pray for the Church.
This Sunday we hold up the churches in Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. These seem like OLD churches. What have old churches to say to us? Where is the new church going? Dear God will you keep your hand upon what's going on between the old and the new church! Both in our hearts and in West Point Grey and in the world. Make something of what's going on between the old and new church. Make blessing out of it. You have called us in the church to be saints.

Complete your work in us so that you can present the whole church before you without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.

Dear God, if we depended on the faithfulness of the church we would be poor indeed. But you are faithful.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.