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Prayers of the People

Almighty God
No matter how much we pray, we still don't know how!
The old timers who wrote the psalms made the connection between your ordering of heaven and earth and the kind of behaviour required of us,

But they had only thunder storms and earth quakes and volcanoes to warn them to keep their distance.
We have light years by the million and galaxies expanding at incomprehensible rates. Its hard to see how a cozy conversation can have anything to do with you. At the same time we long for a law of living that revives the soul.
For concepts that rejoice the heart.
Testimonies that make the simple wise and the ordering of affairs that's righteous altogether .

Lord of the Universe
We long for focus ordering of our lives. We long for a better knowledge of you.
Until we know the steep cost of that is that we deny ourselves and take up a cross

That's what frightens us most about gaining a knowledge of you. But no other ordering of affairs is altogether righteous.
Lord we believe.
Help our unbelief.

God in your mercy...Hear our Prayer