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Prayers of the People

God of All
As we come before you with what is on our hearts there is no question but that we'd like to feel good. We're worried and anxious, not pleased with our behaviour, or our fate.

Even as we groan and complain, deep down we know what would put us right is for us to get where we ought to be - for us to get to be about what we ought to be about.

Our profound need is to get out from under our many burdens and under your burdens. To keep our hearts from hardening we need to have our heart's longing and grieving transformed into your longing and grieving.

It's Godly sorrow we need, O God.

God in Your Mercy...Hear our prayer .

God we pray for the World.
During this Lenten season as we seek to enter with our Lord deeper and deeper into the shadows of the world and its sorrow. We lift up the crys of the needy, let their crys come unto you. We lift up their crys to you so that we can hear them. Those people under the burden of impossible debt. The victims of depravation and tyranny everywhere, especially the unknown and forgotten ones.
Attention must be paid to the hidden ones, O God. Attention must be paid to them.
Also give us eyes to discern the social policies by which we live which benefit us at their expense.

We lift up the peace making efforts around the world especially those that appear to be stalled or broken down entirely - Angola, Middle East, Uganda and Yugoslavia.
Open our eyes that we may discern the peace keeping efforts that are serving a vested interest.

God in your mercy...Hear our prayer.

Gracious God - Pray for the Church, Ours and everyone else's.
How great it would be if we were the salt of the earth and the light of the world.
But what with our quarrels and our wondering if you are with us or not - we look more like your enemies. But dear God your gospel has news for us about your relationship with your enemies. May your grace be sufficient even for your Church.

We hold up the priests and members of your Church. We remember today the values of learning where ministry is taught and learned. May it be your ministry that is taught and learned.

We pray also for the priesthood of each believer in this congregation. So open our hearts each to other that we will be seen bearing each other's burdens and become, indeed the means whereby your love is mediated by each to the other.

God in Your mercy...Hear our prayer.

As our Saviour has taught us...