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Prayers of the People
October 7, 2001

God of All
sing the songs of Zion in a strange land. The world around us has changed. Or maybe we have just found out what it has always been like. All the things we used to think kept us safe no longer work. In some ways we have been singing the wrong songs in Zion. What we trusted as power and might suddenly became vulnerable. We don't know what new song to sing.

God of all
can we learn how to be powerful in the world? We keep praying for our leaders, that they will be given wisdom in these most demanding times. But it will take all of us to learn how to be powerful in the world. God we are in a strange land. The powerful are not safe. In our new-found fear we forget the powerless who are the victims of everyone else's aggression.
How can the powerful learn to live in the world? How can we all learn to be powerful in the world? Dear God draw us and all people near to your heart.

God in your mercy...Hear our prayer

God of Israel, Your people taught us so much. They saw images of you in the thunder, earthquake and rainbows in the sky. They heard messages from you in the still small voice. They met you in their turbulent history. We thank you for their witness, and the strange way it speaks to us.

God, as the old prayers says, "It's good to give thanks." Teach our hearts to freely receive the gift of life with its color, sound and scent. The gift of other lives. The wondrous gift of the newborn. The gift of the many lives of noble service and quiet courage that surround us. For it is as we freely receive that we learn to freely give.

God in your mercy...Hear our prayer

Dear God, before we go, let's take time for you to hear the crys of all those present.
The crys that don't get uttered by anyone offering the prayers of the people. The crys that only each individual heart can utter, with or without words. In the Communion of the Holy Spirit may each of us know our crys lifted unto you.