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Prayers of the Peop1e
March 1, 2001

Gracious God,
Renew a right spirit within us. Fit us for living well the life that is before us. Provide in us the kind of courage that is adequate for the times our idealized high minded vision evokes the reality in all this brokenness - whether it has to do with our relationships with our loved ones. Where the opinionated are many who know just what we should have done while we don't - whether it has to do with our vocation where the accelerating social change confounds the fulfilling of it. Whether it has to do with our neighbourliness where the neighbourhood we know is vanishing.

Our courage to be fails us. We take refuge in withdrawal and complaint.
How well we know the blessed words - "Perfect love casts out fear"
The courage we seek is your knowledge - surpassing love of the world. With that in our hearts we can do anything. We can know anything. With that love in our hearts people would be glad to have us around.

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer

Almighty God - Father and Mother of all hear our prayers for the church. We remember the church in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. We name those because of a World Council of Churches programme to help us remember the church throughout the world. And we remember the world because you said you created your people not to cause trouble but to bless the world. Our prayer for the church is a proper one. Holy God, pour out your Holy Spirit on the Church so that it will recognize your glory in the Crucified One so that it will not use its piety to escape your plan so that it never ceases to attack the gates of Hell. Pour your Holy Spirit on the church so that it becomes a high and lifted-up witness to your love of sinners. And lest it so neglect its power of the keys, that some are excluded from the kingdom.

God, we ask this of us not them - as though the church was someone else.

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer

Gracious God - We remember one another. May each one here know his and her cares lifted up. May each one here know herself/himself forgiven so that there be not one isolated sufferer in this midst. May each one know herself./himself received. Let not our hearts be closed to those with whom we are in contention. Hear our prayer for the members of our company for we cannot seem to help, because they are so ill or so troubled. For the bearing of one another grant us all hearts of flesh and save us from ever choosing again to have hearts of stone.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer

This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ. And now as our Saviour has taught us we pray...