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Prayers of the People
February 25, 2001

God of All -
We take time now for the prayers of all the people gathered here to rise up to you. We take time for these crys to be heard by you and by all of us - so that each one knows that he/she is being prayed for.
Dear God - there are crys that have not yet found words...where life's misery runs so deep it's beyond reach. There are longings for a word from you to address our confusion. To show us the way to go. There is longing for a courage to see us through situations that seem to have no solutions. There is a longing for the gifts of courage that can reach the depths of our deepest anguish.
God, we are in your house. We are encompassed about by the witness of the people of Israel and the apostles of Jesus Christ. Let not this time be wasted in trivial matters.

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer

God - this might not be an opportune time for it, but each of us would like a personal word with you. It may be difficult to get intimate with every one else listening in, but it would help keep our word honest and real.
God - we cry for a word of knowledge of you, more correctly, a real knowledge of your knowledge of us.
Comfort our wandering off and our doubts.

Reach into our depths

Deeper than our needs and anxieties
Deeper than our flights and our postponement
Deeper than our parched emptiness

Dear God
What if we don't recognize our reassurance when we receive it because it is experienced as a full caring heart at work.

What if we found a caring heart to be better than no assurance ?

God in Your mercy ...Hear our prayer