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Prayers of the People
January 14, 2001

God of All
We are suffering from an information overload - right here, at prayer time, it takes the form of a CONCERN overload. There is such an endless list to pray for that we're speechless. To offer a general prayer for everything is a fruitless undertaking. Rather, it witnesses to NO CONCERN. God, save us from being overwhelmed by a myriad of concerns and empower us to keep sensitive to the specific crys of our neighbours both near and far .

And when we look at the world, the ravaging that has us groaning without utterance is the strife in the Middle East. That's where it all began. These are all landmarks in the history of salvation - and there is no peace there, and it seems there is no way to have peace as each side has the horror stories it lives by multiplied.

Right here we sound like the history of Christianity is the history of the world.
God, there are victims of internecine warfare allover the place. We lift these crys also. May there be no forgotten war fronts.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer

God, when, like Elijah of Old, we get to thinking we are the only ones who care, keep us mindful of the countless peace-makers, helpers and care-givers that have chosen the life of service in hurting spots round the world. Support these servants, especially those labouring on forgotten fronts, lest their helping hands falter. And bless their endeavours lest their helping hands do harm.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer

God of Hosts
We pray for all involved in the political process of nations, especially our own. Reign over all the dynamics that fuel the political process - the media, especially their self-righteous elements, the lobbying of special interests.

Keep the hearts of our leaders through all this, that their ministries be responsible, and that they provide government that serves your purposes.

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer

God of Creation
We pray for the life of the earth. Continue to awaken the whole human race to its stewardship of all living things.
Dear God, on this one, we aren't feeling that we are the only ones who care. We are only too aware of our complicity in the widespread spoiling of our biosphere, and the neglect of called-for remedies. God, have mercy upon us - turn us around.

Gracious God

In this time of prayer, we are also very aware of each other. Deepen that awareness as we pray for each other. That's one of the reasons we are here, in your house so that we can take time to pray for each other and be prayed for by each other.

We don't get around to it much otherwise. We pray for the hearts that ache, the lives that are burdened, the unkindly done by, the feeling burdened, the rejected -

And God
We also pray for ourselves.
Give us hearts of flesh for our hearts of stone,
Ears to hear each other's crys,
Presence to bear another's burdens, another's being, another's freedom.

Dear God
If none of this ever happened between us - we'd know you and your gift of eternal life.