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Prayers of the People
November 12, 2000

God of all,
Receive our remembering. On this Sunday, we offer to you our remembering that it may be used by you to further your purposes.

We remember that our way of life, whatever its ease, comfort and well-being has cost a great price, paid for by others.

Ever more troublesome, we remember that there has hardly ever been a nation state in all the earth that has not been borne and sustained by bloody conflict, conquest and subjection.

Dear God, we cannot accept our membership in the human race without remembering how much of our life is lived in greed and the violation of others. What is there about humankind that you are mindful of us?

God, so redeem our remembering that a deep awareness of our potential for doing harm will move us toward more responsible stewardship of life on this planet and membership of one another.

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer

And God, as we remember, leave us not to pray only for our character development, for there are still countless victims of violence and greed. Even now trashing and killing of victims abound due to the human capacity for hatred and commitment to vengeance.

Hear their crys, especially the children. Open more and more human ears to their crys.

Sustain all those at the front line of peace-making. Lead us all more and more in the way of peace... Your peace, not the peace the world gives.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer

God of hosts,
We pray for Canada at this time of election 2000. Watch over our nation from sea to sea, all its people and would-be leaders. What a broken offering this campaign 2000 is! Nevertheless we offer it to you. Make redemptive use of its mixture of commitment, partisanship and knavish tricks, its honour and dishonour, its ill repute and good repute.

We give thanks that we live in a nation where we are free to decide who will govern us. Grant that this exercise in decision-making will result in the building of a worthy nation.

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer

Gracious God
As we seek to lift the prayers of all of us leave us not to the neglect of the prayers of each of us.
Some of us are burdened with decisions that impact on others, some of us find ourselves deciding less and less that matters to anyone.
Some of us have the care of the young (of whatever age), the size of the responsibility vastly overwhelms the wisdom we have for it.
Some are in constant pain, some experience the growing failure of our bodies.
Some experience increasing loneliness as the world changes and peers die.

Hear these crys
Hear too the crys we failed to name....

Grant each one the courage that does not fail and that does not move them in destructive ways.

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer