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Prayers of the People
June 4. 2000

God of all,
Now that it's time for a word with you, we're worried lest we make poor use of the time. What a waste and a travesty if we have only trivial things to say. But if in trying hard to make proper prayer we utter petitions we don't mean - it's equally a waste and a travesty - put us in touch with our deepest meanings, and shift our hearts to reliance on your mercy alone!

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer

Gracious God,
We pray for the Church and here we also have a problem.
75 years ago, in Canada here, something unique got going that our forebearers believed in mightily. But that was not our beginning as a church.
Restore us to our roots, as well as our special calling, so that we are not cut off from the cloud of witnesses that reach back nearly 2000 years. But rather be found again and again by this throng of subdued sinners and strengthened weaklings as they point to your vanquishing and restoring grace.

Dear God, do not abandon us to a tired or trivial vision of our peculiar calling. Save us from a righteousness that is aimed at judging the world instead of reconciling. Save us from a false openness that is open only to those who agree with us. Keep us where we will continue to know your living active and piercing word to the division of soul and spirit.

We pray for the whole church, that no part of it be cut off from the rest of it in a righteousness of its own, lest it be cut off from your abounding grace.

We also pray for all who seek to know you or rather to be known by you. Both individual persons and historic groups.

What paths they have chosen! May they all be saved from enslavement by beings that are not God. Continue your long-suffering patience with all our broken searching for you while you have reconciled us all.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer

Almighty God - we also pray for the world. We hold up the victims of strife and tyranny, the victims of natural disaster, those living in nervous hope or no hope at all. We lift up the crys from around the world.

While famine rages in the Horn of Africa & Eritrea. Everlasting civil war in Ireland, Kosovo, East Timor, Fiji.
Hope and uncertainty accompanying Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon.
Gracious God, turn the hearts of the world's peoples to the honour and goodness of peace-making and value of the murky role of peacekeeping. Renew the commitment of weary peacekeepers everywhere. Let not the cynics scorn gain credence with us.

Have mercy on all our attempts to do right.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer

Dear God, this week we remember all those major and minor officials charged with the watchfulness that keeps our food and water safe to consume.
We are thankful that they are at their posts. We are newly aware of how heavy their responsibilities are and without let up.
Also we are newly aware of our own role in keeping the earth safe and clean. Uphold us all in our resolve to be responsible stewards of your planet earth.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer

Before we go we need some silent time when each and everyone of us can give utterance to deep secret longings at a time when they can be lifted by all of us.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer

Now as our Saviour taught us, we say...