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Prayers of the People
March 19, 2000

Almighty God of All,
Now is the time we put our hearts and minds to the task of getting heard. We keep repeating - "Hear our Prayer". God, we have a deep need to be heard - to know ourselves known. But that prospect also frightens us. We hide stuff, even from ourselves. Gracious God, as we come to know ourselves known by you, we can afford to find out who we really are. Dear God, our cry to be heard is a cry for courage to face the depth of who we are!

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer

God, we confess that among the crys we make to you is that we are God-forsaken. As soon as we mention it, we are ashamed - in the light of the gross suffering of so many of our fellow humans, again, our cry is for depth. How are we to know how present you are in God-forsakenness unless we enter that deep place with our saviour? How can we receive your dauntless courage, freely given, unless we take up the role and in the place you have called us to?

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer

God of all
We pray for one another - within this fellowship of Faith and within the network we are part of in this place and this community, in the network where we love and work.
Especially we pray for the people and situations that irritate us. Again we pray for depth lest we have to discern that those that irritate us are the ones you have placed on our hearts.
We pray for our loved ones - Especially the young and the old who need our care and not forgetting the others that need our letting go. There are so many ways that we can fail them. And our active efforts to help them will be helpful only if they are forgiven.

We pray for all those who suffer anywhere. Dear God, so many contemporary victims of savage war and of wars fought in your name. Have mercy on us all!
And uphold with your steadfast spirit all those reaching out to serve and heal- and work for peace and reconciliation.
Restore those weary of well-doing as they face one frustration after another.

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer

God of All
For this to be the Prayers of the People we need to be quiet together -so that individual and secret crys, groanings that cannot be uttered may rise up to you in the silence.

Together we lift up these secret prayers.

God, in your mercy...Hear our prayer

Now as our saviour taught us...