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Prayers of the People
January 25, 2000

Almighty God, Lord of all, to begin with we want to cast our burden on least, have you lift them from us.

Some of that burden is guilt, some we can name and some is nameless.
Some of that burden is dread - disaster hangs over us - imagined or real.
Some of that burden covers responsibility, we don't want - more than we're up to and can't do anything about.

God, the longer this conversation continues the more we discover that our deepest prayer or thought is that we be found under the right burden - where you are and that we accept your gift of courage to be there.

Not that we are under no burden but that we will be under yours again.

Our deepest prayer is not that we feel good but is that we be good. That would be better than any cheap comfort Restore us to our true calling

God in your mercy...Hear our prayer

We take time now to remember one another
How easily we forget, how terrible should anyone of us feel left out - forgotten.
Support with your loving spirit those whose bodies are failing them.

Renew with courage and commitment to life those who find they have to start again.

Fill those who hunger and thirst after righteousness where they live and work especially when conditions appear to be thankless

O God, bless the little ones and those who have the care of them. Continue to teach us how to receive them. Prevent us from ever causing anyone of them to stumble

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer

God of all,
We remember the world you love. We pray for the people suffering in the world's troubled spots. Especially on our hearts are those torn by the strife between Christians and Muslims in Indonesia.

Dear God, what possesses your children to destroy each other in your name?

Lord of all, Let us not slack in our praying for peace
We remember Syria and Israel and Palestine
How long, O Lord, must this land called Holy by so many of your children, be the centre of strife.
Keep the peace workers at their tasks

Let nothing put them off whenever any attempt is made at bringing peace Kosovo, Timor, Sudan, Algeria and where peacemaking has been abandoned.
Raise up visionaries who will start the peace process again.

We pray for all those who are excluded from the benefits of the vast and powerful
economic forces of our time. Especially the children
Dear God, we hold up to you our greedy, consuming, exploiting world.
Sustain those countless brave souls who find themselves called to address this world's folly and to heal the wounds.

God In Your Mercy...Hear Our Prayer